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What Is Danish Pastry?

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What Is Danish Pastry?

It might surprise some people to learn that the Danish pastry, also just called a Danish, comes from Vienna originally. However, it later became notable in many Scandinavian countries that are very near to Austria. In Vienna, as you might expect, this popular pastry has a different name. It is called a Kopenhagener Plunder.

Actually, this pastry is not called a Danish by accident. In the middle of the 19th century, bakers on Denmark went on strike. Eager to keep their business going, Danish bakery owners hired workers from nearby Austria. These immigrants brought their own unique skills and recipes, and they introduced this type of pastry to Denmark.

After the strike was over, the Danish bakers kept the Austrian recipes. However, they adapted them a bit to their own country’s preferences. For example, they increased the fat and butter a bit. Apparently, the Danes liked this new invention so much that they made it their very own. It is a bit ironic because Danish people commonly use a word for this pastry that translates into English as “bread from Vienna.”

In any case, a Danish baker named Lauritz Klitteng came to the USA to promote this pastry in 1915. He told people that he even baked one for Woodrow Wilson’s wedding, but this story has not be verified. In any case, he worked hard to promote this treat and had his own name and his pastry promoted in periodicals.

The baker was not successful with his own bakery. However, he introduced it to an American restaurant owner named Mr. Gertner. After Mr. Gertner began serving the pastry in his popular restaurant, it became very popular.

danish pastry

What Is A Danish Pastry Like?

Like other pastries from Vienna, like croissants, true danishes are produced from doughs that are leavened with yeast. This gives them a texture that is very similar to the one called a puff pastry in the USA.

The main ingredients include eggs, yeast, flour, eggs, milk, and quite a bit of fat. Originally, the only fat used was butter. However, margarine is used sometimes. When Danishes are made for packaging by factories they may use other kinds of oil as well.

To make this pastry, dough has to get rolled out, covered with butter, and then covered with another layer of dough and rolled again. This process will get repeated several time. In the end, this produces the flaky type of pastry that a Danish is famous for being.

Of course, the Danish pastries that most people see aren’t just a flaky dough. Depending upon where they are made, they may either have a topping or even filling between the different layers.

In Denmark, chocolate or icing are popular toppings. In The UK, people like such fillings as almonds and custard. Americans usually buy Danishes that are either topped with a sweet cheese or a fruit topping before they are baked. Today, Danish pastries are enjoyed in countries all over the world, but most of these countries have their own unique traditions for making them.

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Difference Between Italian Gelato And Ice Cream

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Difference Between Italian Gelato And Ice Cream

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Italian gelato and ice cream? If so, you have come to the right place. Below we will discuss some of the biggest differences between the two and where each of them are consumed throughout the world.

Ice cream is largely consumed in the United States, Denmark, Sweden, and Australia and was originally attributed to an American man named Robert Green. This American style of ice cream is typically made with egg yolks and cream. On the other hand, gelato is typically made with milk. This makes for a less fattening desert. Also, because ice cream is aerated more during the churning process, it typically has a lighter texture than gelato – which is more dense overall. Most of the times, gelato utilizes fewer egg yolks than the American version of ice cream.

ice cream


As noted previously, American versions of ice cream are churned incredibly fast in order to generate a lot of air which makes for a more creamy consistency. This type of churning is typically called “overrun.” The amount of “overrun” in most American style ice cream products sits around 25% of the total product. This means that 25% of the ice cream product is actually air. This gives these products a lighter texture that melts quickly in your mouse and is unfortunately – less tasteful as a result. Whereas, the gelato is churned at a much slower rate of speed. This ends up introducing less air into the actual end product. This is why this product is typically whipped by hand rather than by an electronic mixer. Because of this, the consistency is a lot denser and has much more flavor.

Sugar Levels:

Sugar levels are going to vary depending on each unique recipe. With that being said, ice cream is typically going to have more sugar in the commercialized versions than the commercialized versions of gelato.


Considering that gelato has less fat and has less air pumped into it, you would expect it to be harder than it is. Why is it so soft? How do they do it? Well, gelato gets its soft consistency by being served at a lower temperature than ice cream. Whereas, ice cream is best served at 10 degrees fahrenheit – gelato cases are actually served at a higher temperature. Actually, if you freeze gelato at lower temperatures, it will turn as hard as a brick. However, when it is served at warmer temperatures (the right temperatures) it will have that perfectly soft consistency that is a joy to eat. This cannot be done with ice cream because it contains too much fat content which would make it melt too fast and look/feel soupy.

As you can see, gelato and ice cream differ greatly despite their similar appearance. They are traditionally eaten as deserts in their respective countries. They are both delicious and proponents of each desert will argue that theirs is the better version for days. The truth is, they are both delicious and can be enjoyed equally. Your individual preferences will win out on this one.

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Best Sweets And Pastries Around The World

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Do you love traveling? One of the best parts about being able to travel is being able to taste all of the different foods being offered throughout the world. There are tons of unique and delicious deserts, pastries, and sweets being offered in different parts of the world. Some places even allow you to order popular deserts online. That’s right, you can get amazing and culture specific deserts from virtually anywhere in the world. You can save on these deserts by looking up promo codes online. Below we will discuss some of the top things to try as you are traveling on your adventures.

Top Pastries and Sweets:

italian gelato1. Gelato (Italy).

This has to be a lot of people’s favorite which is why we ranked it #1. Italy has perfected the gelato. So what is a gelato? Although gelato may look like ice cream, it differs from it due to it’s flavor and texture. This frozen desert is made with milk instead of cream. This ultimately gives this desert a lower fat content than it’s ice cream counterpart. It also features less air ‘whipped’ into it which makes the desert more dense than it’s counterpart as well. Gelato is actually an Italian term that means, “frozen.”

2. Belgian Waffles.

Although some people (outside of Belgium) do not consider them a desert, they are just as delicious as one. What are Belgian waffles? Belgian waffles are a signature desert in Belgium. A Belgium waffle is traditionally baked with brioche bread dough and is traditionally served with toppings such as; chocolate, whip cream, and/or fruit.

dulce de leche3. Dulce De Leche (Cuba).

This sweet confection is made up of caramelized sugar and condensed milk. This can either by eaten by its lonesome or poured over other deserts. It is of tan color.

4. Apple Pie (United States).

This is an American favorite/classic. This is a pie that has been perfected for years by the American people. So what is apple pie exactly? Apple pie consists of a pastry pie crust and includes an apple filling that is often seasoned well with either cinnamon and/or with nutmeg. Interestingly enough, it was actually brought over by the Pilgrims from England. A lot of Americans enjoy this desert with a adequate portion of ice cream and/or whip cream as a topping.

maple taffy5. Maple Taffy (Canada).

Canada is well known for their maple syrup. It is no coincidence that they are also known for their maple taffy. So what exactly is maple taffy? Maple taffy is actually a sweet and sugary confection that is typically made of maple syrup and frozen ice or snow. Typically this desert is served with tea and/or coffee.

As you can see, there are plenty of different ways to eat desert around the world. We have only discussed some of the most delicious ones that you should try. There are plenty more where that came from. Whenever you go traveling, it is important to try the local food. Nothing can be more intimate than getting deep into a culture by trying the delicious deserts that locals get to enjoy on a daily basis. Experience different deserts around the world and you will likely see that people from all over the world love sweet and sugary foods. We are not all so different after all! To save money on deserts, you can look for promo codes by clicking for promotion codes.

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